Friday, June 13, 2008

Man Of The House

Not sure Mr. Max is going to do after tomorrow. Matt will be gone for 2 weeks for his annual National Guard training. Max loves all of us but Matt let me tell ya he adores Matt. Funny thing is Matt has never been an animal person. It's always been me who picked out the few pets we have had. Matt never paid much attention to any of them but when we decided after our cat passed away to get a puppy I wanted Matt to pick one out since he wasn't to thrilled with the idea. It obviously worked! Max is still a puppy & he still has his bad days but all in all he's a great lil puppy. Matt comes in the door even after just walking out for 5 minutes & this dog goes nuts. He has to sleep with us every night right at Matt's legs & he won't get up until Matt does. Max certainly is his Daddy's buddy. Guess he'll have to be the brave man of the house for the next 2 weeks.

Yea right this is the same dog who growled from the window at the kitten in the yard but when the kitten came closer to the window he hid under our bed!


Charla said...

LOL..Max is such an adorable puppy!! It's so funny how they can act so fierce one minute and then tuck their tails and run at the least little thing the next minute!! LOL

So where are they sending the guys for summer camp this year???

Lookin' forward to our girlie chat!! I'll bring the chips and bring the Smirnoff Ice!! LOL Love ya hun!!

Michelle said...

That's too cute. I hope the time goes quickly for all of you.

I read the post below this, that is halarious! Kids are so cute and quick-witted (as my grandpa used to say lol).

Wendy said...

Your Max looks just like my Madi Lyn!!! She is part Chiuhahua and miniture pinacher, she just turned five months old yesterday. She is the same way with my husband Steve, as in if hes just gone five minutes she goes crazy when she sees him and has to sleep on his legs or curled up right by his feet!! Her picture is in my March archive on my blog if you want to see her!!!~Wendy

Sandra said...

He's adorable Court :)

I'm dropping by to say hi and catch up, I've been gone for so long, feels like forever.

Hope the time flies by as Matt is away at training.


Katy said...

thinking of you Courtney. I hope you guys are doing OK! Your hair looks sooo pretty in that pic!! Such a gorgeous color and length! :)

Chris is getting ready to leave early thursday morning...the anxiety of it all is sooo stressful! I hope you are right that this is the hardest part! :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Poor Max! He's going to have a party when Matt comes back home!

I can tell you guys are lovin' having a dog!
Hope the time in between now and when Matt comes home flies by!