Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy Sent Another Rainbow

If you look through my archives you'll find a post about a rainbow. Back when Matt was deployed the kids saw a rainbow & just knew daddy had sent it to them. Today has been such a dreary day. We have been stuck in the house & all 4 of us have been pretty crabby. The kids are really Matt (As am i!) & the lack of sunshine today has not helped. The sun started peaking out a little this evening & I mentioned to the kids that they may be able to see a rainbow if their lucky. They have look for hours & finally found one. The have only seen a rainbow once & as I said it was when matt was deployed. Now Matt's gone again & they were lucky enough to see another. They just know daddy sent it to them...Thank You Daddy!!
We miss you!


kbug said...

Awww, I bet you do all miss him. It's really neat the way the rainbows have shown up when he's gone. I bet it made the kids smile all over when they saw it..... :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Those special things between a daddy and his children are the best. They will probably always think of Daddy when they see a rainbow - for the rest of their lives.

Hope the weather is beautiful today so the kids can get out and PLAY!


Michelle said...

That's so cute. I'm glad their daddy was able to send them such a special gift.

Monica said...

Hope the time flies by quickly,and the weather gets better. :) Brad will be home tomorrow from his 2 week training.

Katy said...

Aw, what an awesome thing!

Chris left early this morning. I totally hate this! I am glad we are in it together though! xoxo