Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's been going on here...


The weather here has been beautiful. We have been spending alot of time outside & I can hardly wait to start planting flowers. I was really hoping the weather would stay warm but looks like it may get cooler this weekend. Matt's birthday is tuesday so the kids & I are making some fun birthday surprises for him. The kids are having a blast keeping things from him. They are lovin teasing him about it. It's so cute! Our new puppy Max is doing so good. He did however chew the charger to our cell phone but other than that (LOL!!) great puppy! Shannon hasn't warmed up to him as fast as everyone else which makes it pretty hard considering Max adores her & loves being around her. She's coming around though. She just doesn't do well with change. The saying around here is "it's Shannon's world & we're just livin' in it". Some of you who read her blog may know but if not... Glo is coming to visit us next month!!! We couldn't be more excited about this. The kids have started a countdown & every morning ask how many more days? In case you don't know. I met Gloria during Matt's deployment to Iraq. Her husband Mike happened to be at the same base as Matt was. We met through a website (Prayers for Anaconda) & have talked daily ever since. We immediately became friends at a time we both needed a great friendship & I couldn't have asked for a better friend. We have since became more like family & have said probably one million times we'd come visit each other & now it's finally going to happen! Well, I need to get back to my spring cleaning. I'm on a roll & if I stop for too long I'll never get back to it. You know how it is...right? Please tell me you know how it is & it's not just me!
Have a great weekend.
Court ♥


Katy said...

I am so glad your weather has been so nice!!! And happy birthday to your dh!! That is fantastic that your kids will keep a secret from him and have fun with it..mine wouldn't..LOL. they would tell him (accidentally) right away!!! hehe!
I hope your spring cleaning is going well! And you are totally right...if you stop for too lose the "kick"!!! :)

Glo said...

I sooooooo love the pictures. Beautiful. How do you do that???? Will I ever know? Tell Matt Happy Birthday. His card is on its way. Would love to be there. Will be in just 27 days. I have to keep calming myself down,if I get to thinking about coming my blood pressure goes up....I can hardly wait. And your 20 degrees warmer today than we are.(That would help these old bones) Today we had rain,snow & sleet. Thankful it gone for now....Just dreary and cloudy. I hope you do really good on the spring cleaning....cause I'm bringing a white glove.;)
Don't set down to long cause if your like me you'll never get started again.

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to Matt :)

How exciting that Glo is going to visit you soon :)

Hope Shan warms up to the puppy soon.


Michelle said...

I definitely know what you're talking about when it comes to the cleaning! I hope that you all have a wonderful day and that Matt has a wonderful birthday!

Shionge said...

It's Tuesday tonight here in Singapore so Happy Birthday Matt :)

I love all the flowers, beautiful!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Life sounds GOOD! I hope you are having a good time with your Spring cleaning ( I love doing that!). How exciting that Glo is coming to visit - what an awesome time to look forward to, for sure!!