Monday, February 04, 2008


beautiful I think women alot of times put themselves last without really ever noticing. Not that others do it to her just that we sometimes try to take care of so much & so many it just ends up that way. I know I do this myself. Years ago I'd never go a day without getting dressed,fixing my hair & perfect makeup. Now...I'm lucky if I get to blow dry my hair & throw it up in a ponytail. I get all 3 kids dressed daily down to matching hairbows even if we never leave the house. You look at me & you'd think I'd just crawled out of a hole lol! Well, maybe not that bad but far from how I used & want to be. I have been taking wallpaper down in our living room the past few days. I had on an old sweatshirt & a pair of pajama shorts. Nothing attractive I know but I walked past some mirrors we have along the wall in our tv room. I saw something I hadn't noticed in a very long time. I sort of like my legs! Wait a minute my hair is a little cute in this ponytail slightly falling down & even though the only makeup I have on is the mascara left over from 2 days ago, I look pretty. For that moment I felt pretty. My gosh it felt good! I never said a word I just went on to the work I needed to do with a smile on my face. I have something I want all of you to do today. Go to your mirror & look at yourself. Really look at yourself! We all have little things about ourselves we can't stand but we all need to have more things we love. Find those things today. Feel pretty! It's a great feeling♥


Katy said...

how right you are! :)

Although, i must say, i think you look pretty in all the pics i have seen of you! You are one of those people who can look cute in a sweatsuit and pony tail! :)

I hope you have a wonderful monday!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I might have to look pretty hard right now! :) But you're right! We are so hard on ourselves - our own worst critic. What a good reminder Courtney!

Hope the wallpaper removal is going well and you are having fun!!