Thursday, January 31, 2008

Asking For Prayers

I want to ask everyone for your prayers please. I have mentioned my best friend Jill before. We have been best friends since first grade. Well, her & her family need our prayers right now. Her dad found out a few weeks ago he has cancer on his brain,liver & lungs. He is in good spirits & plans on fighting hard to beat this! I believe he can. He has so many who love him & he loves so many. That's not all though. Jill calls me last night from the hospital. Her mom came to visit Jill yesterday & had a stroke. Jill was at the hospital really late last night & came home to rest. When she gets home her baby Gracyn is starting to pull up on things & trying to walk. We all know how scary this can be at times. Long story short poor baby fell & bumped her head on the table. So, Jill at 3am had to take Gracie back the the hospital. She's ok but Jill is literally drained! She is going through so much right now. To beat all that today is Jill's birthday. I ask you to please pray for her & her family.


Katy said...

oh gosh!!! How sad!!! I will definitely lift them all up in prayer!!! I will pray for healing and strength!!!

BTW~i love your new blog is really pretty!

Glo said...

Praying for Jill and her family.

Jen said...

I'm praying for your friend Jill and her family.

I love your new look and saying it is so so true girl.

Jeannene said...

"I am so sorry Court, I have not been by for quite a while." Life has happened, and so does a busy schedule too...

I am so sorry to hear of your friends and loved ones. I will be keeping them in my prayers, and hope they are doing well these days.

I love your new blog look, I miss ya too!

Hugs to you friend,