Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rain Rain Please Go Away!

I swear it has rained for what seems like forever! Yesterday it finally cleared up & was beautiful outside. It got up to 75 degrees! Of course we couldn't enjoy it that much because the kids all have colds. Shannon caught it first & last night ran a little fever. She was still up & playing but just cranky. She has no fever this morning & seems to be feeling better but still has a cold. Alli & Ty are in rare form this morning though so it should be a fun fun day:) I'm hoping it doesn't last long. My cousin is getting married saturday evening & I'm hoping Matt & I can go. We also have lots more shopping to do as well. When will this all end???? With Matt's schedule it's so hard for me to get anything done. I have done a little online shopping but that's mainly for other family not our kids but at least it's something done. With every gift bought I breath a little sigh of relief! So how is everyone else doing on shopping? Matt is finally off today & tomorrow so I'm getting ready to grocery shop & hopefully I can find a few things for the kids & check a few more things off Santa's list!


Katy said...

oh, i know what you mean...we had tons of snow...and then it warmed enough to we have yucky, muddy slush! Ewww!

Sorry the kids are fighting the colds again! I hope everyone is 100% soon!

Thankfully, i have all my shopping done! I am lucky enough to live close to family who will help me with my kids at certain times so that I could shop! (and my daughter is in school) you have anyone who lives close to you that will help you out at all??

Sending big hugs to you and your family! Today was our grocery day! I got everything i needed and in the budget! (well, i went a little over but that wasn't cuz of food..that was cuz i got a baby shower gift for my one friend) I hope your grocery shopping goes well today!!! xoxo

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Shopping?! What shopping? :)

I have a little done, but like Matt, Daniel's schedule is so tough to work with. We are actually trading off with some friends - watching the kids - so we can shop. It will be a big load off my shoulders to have it done!

I hope your kids breeze through this sickness - you deserve a break!!


Glo said...

I hope it stops raining for you soon. Mike is taking me shopping Fri. I don't have to get much more just a couple of gift cards and my sons gift....the one person who is so hard to buy for. I'm feeling a lot better,so I hope I make it.
I know you guys don't like the rain...but here in good old Missouri we have snow,rain,rain changing to Ice,now it just Ice and a lot of it.Oh yes and it 20 degree. So remember it could be worse.
Have a good time shopping.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry the kids aren't feeling good. I hope they are better very soon. The only thing we have left to buy for Christmas is my sister's gift. I even have Eric's already (he doesn't know that though, I'm sneaky lol). I hope you were able to get a few things done though! said...

"Hey Sweets..."

I hope you all start feeling better and get all your gift bought and under the tree, (or at least Santa should have them under the

Have a great weekend!!
xoxo Jeannene