Monday, December 17, 2007

My Shopping Trip

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Well, I finished my Christmas shopping saturday!! Ok, I have 2 more gifts but those are small & don't really count LOL!! It was a trip though let me tell ya, I told you about the weather being crazy right?!?! Well, days before I went shopping it was in the 70's & sunny. Well wouldn't you know the day I have to get out it's snowing & in the 20's. That's not all though. Matt's mom came to keep the kids for me & when she got here I started the car to let it warm up. I came in said my goodbyes (which takes forever with Shannon I basically have to sneak out which I hate! But anyway LOL) grabbed my stuff & off I went. The car was freezing & stayed that way the entire day. I would have just came home but I knew this was my only chance to finish everything up because at the time Matt might have had to work overtime all week. You know when your out in the cold & you just can't wait to get in your car & warm up. That wasn't me!! I could actually see my breath as I was driving. The heat wasn't just "not" working it was blowing out COLD air even when turned off. Yea, it was kinda miserable but it's over & done with. The little cold I had is a thousand times worse because of it but hey Santa's gotta come no matter what right=)


Michelle said...

Oh, that's so sad. I'm sorry your heater wasn't working. I hate that. Hopefully it isn't anything too big. You're a wonderful mom though and the kids will be grateful that Santa came, cold and all.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I got the shivers just reading this. Dang heaters! Brrr! :)
I absolutely hate getting into a cold car... Daniel is learning this and usually is great about warming it up for me.

Santa has to come... you are so very right. And he will. You sound like you make Christmas so incredible for your children. You are a great mom. Courtney. Don't you even doubt it either!


tasha said...

you are so right girlie
santa has to come.
the heater it sucks without a heater.
but i know that feeling i had that happened to me before too.

you are great person,friend,mom


Glo said...

Sorry your heater wasn't working for you. Sounds like you may need a new thermostat.
I'm glad you making a great Christmas for the kids. Your a great Mom.

Love, Glo said...

Wow, "YOU GO GIRL!!!"

I am so proud of you for enduring the cold and the weather;-)) You are such a "Great MOM!"

Hope you start feeling better friend.

Love your new banner and have a great looking family;-))

xoxo Jeannene

Katy said...

oh no!!! I am so sorry your car was sooo cold! I am glad you got your shopping done! That is wonderful!!! I bet your kiddos are getting super excited for christmas!! Hope you have a great Wednesday! :)

Sandra said...

I'm so sorry Court, that had to be awful driving like that. I hate cold cars, I hate having to hold the steering wheel when it's freezing LOL

Glad you got everything done though.

Have a wonderful Christmas :)