Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We Are...Marshall!!!

On this day back in 1970 our community would forever change. Today marks the anniversary of the Marshall plane crash. A crash that killed 37 players, 12 coaches and university staff members, 5 flight crew members and 21 townspeople. Those deaths left 70 minor children; 18 of those children lost both parents.

*The Memorial Fountain*

The Memorial Student Center Fountain was dedicated to the memory of the plane crash victims on November 12, 1972, by President John G. Barker. Each year on the anniversary of that fateful day - November 14 – a memorial service is held, which includes the traditional laying of the wreath. Then the water is turned off until next spring.
More than 13 feet high and weighing 6,500 pounds, the fountain was created by sculptor Harry Bertoia. It was his hope that the fountain would "commemorate the living - rather than death - on the waters of life, rising, receding, surging so as to express upward growth, immortality and eternality."
The bronze plaque bears this simple, eloquent inscription:
"They shall live on in the hearts of their families and friends forever, and this memorial records their loss to the university and to the community."

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Some thought after the crash Marshall football would be no more but our community pulled together & From The Ashes We Rose!!!

Something I'm very thankful for. Alot of great memories for me as a child is at MU Football games. Also something I share with my own children now. I mean when your daughters (Shannon) first sentence is We Are Marshall...you may be more than just a fan! If only for today whether you love,like,hate or know not a thing about Marshall University. May you read this today & know this is more than just a college to us. It's more than just football. It's more than I can explain but the best way to describe us well...


Turn up your speakers,watch the video & take a glimpse at our Thundering Herd Pride!


Katy said...

hey! i will think of you as i shop today!! LOL
I have had lots of compliments on my hair...but i am not real sure about it..i mean, i like it...but i don't...and when i take a pic..it NEVER looks good :( argh!

Glo said...

What a wonderful Blog.God bless you for doing this and God bless thoses who lost love ones on that day.
Love and {{Hugs}]