Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm just a big old mess this morning.
Let me first start this little story by saying Roe (Our Cat) is my baby. He thinks he has to be wherever I am at all times. I literally take a bath with him sitting on the edge of the tub. If I sit anywhere he's on my lap. He sleeps right at my head at night in bed. I honestly believe he thinks he's one of the kids & I'm his mommy lol! Soooo anyway, last night when the kids went to bed I was playing on the computer waiting for Matt to get in. Of course there was Roe on my lap asleep. I heard a noise coming from the bedrooms so I moved Roe over & went to see what it was. I usually carry him with me but I was in a hurry to see ya know. Ohhh bad idea! He awoke quickly to find himself alone & freaked! As I got to the hallway all the sudden out of the corner I saw something just fly by me (not sure how he did it!) & he hit my knee. He was fine. Just purring away! I (on the other hand) fell to the floor in pain! LOL! Well, I say LOL now but it wasn't to laughable at the time!! So I limp to see what the noise was & saw nothing. Of course!!!!
So in bed it's still hurting me pretty bad. I'm trying to find a position I can get in without much pain. Not easy since Shannon was also sleeping with Matt & I. Oh, & don't forget Roe too! Long story short I got no rest! On top of that I wake up with my arm & shoulder numb from the way I slept. Now my knee AND shoulder is killing me. It should be a lovely day:)


Glo said...

OUCH!!! sorry your hurting. Hope your going to be Ok. Love ya

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Wow! I hope tonight is much less eventful and you get some good rest!

I have to admit - the thought of your cat flying through the air made me giggle! :)