Thursday, October 04, 2007

Good Mornin' Mommy!

Ever wake up & just KNOW it's gonna be one of those days?
Well that's not exactly how my morning started but quickly ended up that way.
Matt had to be to work early this morning. He woke me up getting ready (not purposely but ya know) so I decided to go ahead get my coffee & spend some time alone. I get up fix a big cup & thought I'd sit on our deck for a minute. It's been in the 90's here so it's kind of been hard to enjoy Fall just yet. This morning though it was perfect out. A breeze that was just right. Sun coming up. You could just smell that Autumn air. Oh how quickly it all ends! LOL!
Well before heading out to my 5 minute mommy vacation. I hear Shannon's little feet coming down the hall. No big deal though. I fixed her some pancakes & milk then sat her at her little table by the back door so I could still have a few minutes of peacefulness. I go out & I'm enjoying my coffee looking back at her every couple seconds. She'd wave & laugh. I'd make some goofy face back. She'd laugh. Everything cool right? Wrong! I kept hearing baby birds chirping in a tree in our backyard. It was sweet until... (pause for dramatic effect!) one of those not so sweet anymore bratty baby birds flies by & poops in my coffee!! I was shocked. I laughed but deep down wanted to cry. The nerve of that little creature to come by & literally poo on my good morning!
I ran in poured it out & just tossed the cup. Shannon follows me & asked "Mommyyy! Wrooong?" (Which means mommy what's wrong for anyone not speaking baby talk) Knowing she wouldn't understand but also knowing if you don't respond to her quickly it gets ugly! I said, that bird messed in mommy's cup. Her response...Ok,Mornin Mommy!


Glo said...

Ok can't help it...I almost rolled laughing...Sorry. Hope the rest of your day goes smoooooooooooother.
Love ya,
Also like the new look,but miss the pics.

Sandra said...

LOL I'm sorry to laugh but I've had issues with birds before, I'm sure you remember my pooped on experience LOL

Love the new look Court :) said...

Thanks for your visit! Come anytime!! Well that started your day off to a great start!! lol!!!
I hate it when it like this at the start of the day..... then I think what is next???? I hope yours got better!! Blessings, Grams

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That was hilarious! What are the chances - really! I love how Shannon was so unaffected by it!

I've always said I had a bulls-eye painted on top of my head for the birds because I have been "hit" so many times. Horrible, just horrible.

I hope you had a bird-free rest of your day!