Monday, June 18, 2007

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. As I said in my last post we went to Ohio last weekend. This weekend Matt & I had our parents over for a Father's Day cookout. Everyone had a great time & ate well:) Matt had an interview today & accepted a position to a great job! We are so happy about this & I'm so proud of him! He starts tomorrow & will be training all this week. Next week he will be gone all week (AT Training) with the Guard. So I decided to keep myself busy by finally getting the kids rooms painted. I'm excited about that. Not him leaving just the painting LOL! I'm gonna miss him like crazy. BUT, heck I made it through 1 year I can surely take 1 week right?!?!
I haven't been on here much but I'm hoping to really get back to my blog. I really have missed it. I loved getting up early & blogging away or staying up when the kids were asleep & talking about our day my feelings or absolutely nothin!
Well, seems like I had so much to say until now & my mind is blank. I better go get the kids calmed down & ready for bed before they Matt. They are right now building a tent on top of Daddy! They are having a blast but Daddy hasn't said a word in the last 7 minutes. I better make sure he's still breathing!


Michelle said...

LOL...that's too funny. I remember doing crazy things like that to my dad too. He broke his foot one time and let us punch his cast (I think both him and us were crazy on that on lol). I hope the week Matt's gone flies by for you and congrats to him for getting the new job!