Friday, June 15, 2007

Family Time

Last weekend we up & took a last minute trip to Kings Island & the Zoo! I have been meaning to make a slideshow for days but between me being lazy & uploading taking so long...I'm just now getting around to it. We had such a great time! It was so great just spending time together. Even the 3 hour car ride home was fun. I think the kids had more fun laughing & talking in the car then riding rides:)
5 Tickets for Kings Island $150
5 Tickets for Cincinatti Zoo $30
Spending a weekend just the 5 of us...PRICELESS!!!!!!

**You may have to the click to turn the pages on the slideshow**

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kbug said...

Great pictures...glad you guys had fun. Nothing quite like spending precious time together...that's more important than anything...:)

Michelle said...

That is so wonderful, looks like you had lots of fun.

Simply Dawn Marie said...

Looks like a priceless trip :) I can't wait until we have a family and get to do fun trips like that!