Thursday, June 21, 2007

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Matt will be gone next week for training & I can't stop thinking about it. I have no clue why I am acting this way. He'll only be gone 8days. Maybe it's because he was gone for so long & I'm just not ready to let go. No clue but I do know it's killing me. I know I'm really being silly about it. Come on girls tell me to suck it up & get over it!! I need to hear it!


michelle said...

Ok Courtney suck it up! LOL you can make it through this. No seriously I completely understand why you do not want him to go, it is never easy to watch someone leave, even if it is for only 8 days. It just means you love your husband and there is nothing wrong with that.

kbug said...

I'm sure it's like deja vu. It hasn't been all that long since you had to say goodbye to Matt for a whole year, and having him go away for any amount of time is going to revive the same feelings you had then. You know you'll be fine, but that doesn't always make it feel any better. But, yeah, suck it up and get over it, girlie..... :)

Sandra said...

Ok you asked for it...SUCK IT UP!!!

Sorry, but I can't do it, I am the exact same way, I don't care if he's going for a week, a day or a month or a year, it's ALWAYS hard to see them go anywhere.


Simply Dawn Marie said...

I don't know if I can say that. Our friend has been gone for 3 weeks for trainning before he leaves for Iraq and I'm suppose to be helping his bride to be get through this but I'm missing my buddy! I'm already counting down the days until he's home. He's like my little brother and I can't help it. I miss him :(