Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well I painted my toes

  • This In Striking Pink!! so now this warm weather has to stay! My toes are too pretty to cover up LOL! I have had a very busy week & haven't had much blogging time but I apologize & am trying hard to get back into it more. I miss it! Matt's mom is coming to visit Saturday & if the rain stays away we are hoping for a cookout. My parents are coming as well so that will be nice. I have to go grocery shopping in the morning. That's my new thing. I go early on Friday mornings. I always went on Friday or Saturday but I came home hours later & very cranky!! I found early fridays are not so bad. Well sorry so short yet again but I'm very tired & gotta get up early so I'm headed to bed. Have a great weekend everyone!! If we have the cookout maybe I'll have some pics. You know me & my camera:) Talk to everyone soon!!

  • *Court*


    Glo said...

    I sure hope it doesn't rain.....don't want your pretty pink toes to get wet....I also hope you post pics. I love to see pics. I wish I could get my camera to work. My phones(house and cell) are completely dead today.......don't know what is going on. Computer was down until about an hour ago.

    Tell Matt to cook a burger for me.

    Love Ya All

    Michelle said...

    I hope you had a lovely rain-free weekend!

    Sandra said...

    HOpe you guys had a great time...I know I'm late posting but I'm running around like crazy lately, just don't have time to sit at the computer.

    Have a great week.