Monday, March 26, 2007


Here some pictures I wanted to share from this weekend. We had a really nice weekend. Sorry I can't stay but I have lots of cleaning & clothes to pack. Yep you heard right packing clothes because we are going to the MYRTLE BEACH!!!!! Me,Matt,the kids & my parents decided at the last minute why not? So, we are leaving this weekend & staying 7 days! I better go but I'll be back before we leave:)

Sorry Glo I know he's NOT smiling again but I tried....MEN!!!!

Playing with Daddy!

Shan in her playhouse

Ty swinging his favorite thing to do!
No picture's of Allison because she was in their playhouse pretty much all day making playdough burgers,hotdogs,fries,whatever you may want...she's a great cook:)
Have a great day!!!!


Michelle said...

The pictures are adorable! Have a great time at Myrtle Beach!

Monica said...

Great pictures! Have an awesome time at Myrtle Beach, maybe you can sneak a pic of him smiling there. :)