Friday, March 30, 2007

Packing Stinks!

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I hate packing! I mean I really really hate it!!! It's so hard with kids. You pack something & think ok that's done when suddenly a little someone (Shannon!!) will drag it back out OR you hear Mommy where's this or that. I really need it! Grrrr!!!! It's just a week long trip but it looks like I'm packing for a year but that's 5 person family for ya I guess. I was so excited about going. I always wanted to just up & go somewhere for a week. No planning just go! I was trying so hard to make this trip that way but oh how things change LOL! That's ok I'm still excited. SO very excited!!! You know me I'll take lots of pictures to share when we get back so until then have a nice weekend,great week & a Happy Easter!!!!!!
Love ya'll!!!!


Charla said...

Hey girl I know packing is a pain, but it will all be worth it once you get there!!! I'm so excited for you completly jealous, but excited!! LOL I hope you guys have a GREAT trip!! Be safe and take lots of pictures for us (I know you will)! Love you guys!!!!


michelle said...

Have fun in Myrtle Beach! I went there before we moved to P'cola and loved it! I like it much better than Virginia Beach. Hope you have fun!

Glo said...