Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have a sore throat,cold,fever,aches,you name it I got it! I started feeling bad Thursday evening & it's got worse ever since. I don't feel as bad this morning but still not good at all! Yesterday I took so many Sudafed LoL! I had to have looked like a drunk all day. That stuff really puts me out of it. I don't know if it helps me though or just makes me forget I'm sick to begin with. LoL!
Somehow I need to make it out to Walmart. We are out of everything! I'm also going to pick out some paint for the living room & finally get that done. That is if I continue to get better today. I'm hoping to try to do it when the kids go to sleep tonight. That way it can dry with no fingerprints! I'll be sure to take pics:)
Tomorrow I have a FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting. We are planning the awards ceremony for the guys. It's next month. It should be pretty cool. We are getting the kids some inflatible *sp* stuff to play on. They always love that & so do I. LoL!!!
Well I'm off to try to get a hot bath & attempt to get my day started:(
Enjoy your weekend everyone!



Glo said...

Hey Court,
Sorry your feeling bad.Hope your much better soon. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Love Ya,

Charla said...

Hey girl, sorry you're feeling so cruddy! I hope you feel better! Have fun at the meeting! I'm looking for some good pics for the slideshow! Talk to ya later girl! Love ya bunches!!!


kbug said...

So sorry you're sick....that's never much fun. Seems like I remember being sick quite a bit when I had young 'uns at home. They always seemed to bring home the germs. I hardly ever get sick with anything but allergies now that they're grown.... :)

Hope you enjoyed your hot bath...