Tuesday, January 30, 2007

5am & awake! I have been up since 4am but actually not too tired. Matt (Thank you honey) made me go to bed early last night & he got the kids to bed. Shannon has actually been sleeping later to. So I can't complain.
Can't complain about sleep that is but will about the weather. It is COLD!!! It's not just the cold but the wind is crazy. We have had snow almost every day for the last week maybe longer. We knew after Sunday weather was going to get a little worse so we decided Saturday was are only hope of getting out! So we met Matt's mom & took the kids to Billy Bob's! They had so much fun. Surprise Surprise:) It was the first time Shannon has been since she is walking & she really got to enjoy herself. Matt & I were completely pooped when we got home but it was worth it.
Yesterday was my sisters 21st birthday. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA** So while Matt went to class the kids & I took her some cupcakes. The kids made her cards & of course helped her blow out the candles. That was fun. Cold but fun. I don't think I have anywhere to go today & I'm fine with that!
Well I think I may have a chance for some more sleep & I think I'll take it. Hope everyone has a good day!


Michelle said...

I imagine you are ready for a change in weather. Hopefully it clears up soon.

Happy birthday to your sister!

kbug said...

I love your new haircut!!! And I'm glad you're getting more sleep. It really helps improve someone's attitude and outlook..... :)