Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nice Weekend

This weekend has been pretty nice. Matt was trying to surprise me on Valentine's Day & take me out to dinner but his mom couldn't make it due to ice. So, she came friday to spend the night. Matt & I went to Fiesta Bravo. It was yummy! We don't get todo alot just the 2 of us so it was really nice. Then, Saturday we woke up & headed straight to do some grocery shopping so his mom could head out before more snow came. That to was fun. Having 3 kids & not alot of babysitters a day to Sams & Walmart is a date in itself. LOL! We got home & she left just in time because the snow started coming down & it got pretty nasty! Last night I was giving Shannon a bath when Matt ran in the bathroom just saying your mom & sister have just went into a ditch & I'll be back! WHAT?!? I grabbed the baby,dressed her & the pacing began! I kept trying her cell phone but it was off. Everything was going through my head. Was my mom ok? What about my sister? Was Matt going to make it there ok? The roads were awful! Luckily after a little while (Which seemed forever) My sister called & said they were out of the ditch & Matt was on his way. Thank God everyone was ok! I have to add a big thank you to our service men though. See my mom & sister were not only in a ditch but they both got out of the car to check the damage & somehow got locked out. It was freezing & pouring the snow. The man that lived right by where they were saw them pulled up in his driveway & watched them from his window! (Butthole LOL) But, right before Matt got there a truck pulled over & 2 marines helped pull my mom's car out of there. Matt steered & they tied a rope to her car & after alot of work got her out with no damages! My mom laughed & said it took 2 Marines & an Army guy to get my little Honda out of a ditch.


Glo said...

Soooooooo glad your Mom and sister are ok. Also glad God sent two angel's to help Matt out,while Satan set in his drive. Love to all. Stay warm.

Charla said...

Hey girl, I'm so glad everyone's ok! I can't believe all the snow you guys are getting! My parents have said it's been snowing non-stop for the past 2 weeks at their house too! It's so crazy. It's back up in the 60's here! LOL We don't know what to make of this weather difference here! LOLWe love it though!!!! Hope it warms up there soon! Love you guys bunches!!!!