Monday, January 15, 2007

What do I want? Sleep

When do I want it NOW!! I just told Matt i want sleep for Valentines day,Our Anniversary,My Birthday....Anything! I'm so tired. I got more sleep when Shannon was 3 weeks old. She has been waking up around 2 or 3 every night. Then up for good at 5 or 6. Last night she woke up at midnight but went right back to sleep AND slept until 8! Did I get to take advantage of this? Nope. Ty woke up at 5 & got in bed with us & literally kicked me out of the bed. So there I was at 5am on the couch watching the news. Matt tries to let me nap during the day but I just can't. I never really could take naps during the day. Weird I know. I wish I could. I'd get rid of this walking zombie look & this I'm gonna kill you attitude. About this time (8pm) it really hits me. That's why I decided to blog right now because the kids are still wide awake. Well I'm gonna go get some caffine. Wait...OMG! I think Shannon finally crashed. One down 2 to go. Yay!!!!



Hub said...

I hear ya!

- Andrea

Michelle said...

I hope you get some serious rest soon, it definitely sounds like you need some.

Monica said...

Hope you find some down time for yourself soon. Isn't being a mommy fun? Take care and get some sleep.