Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hello all! This week really got away from me & before I knew I realized I haven't updated on here since Monday. Sorry. Well, same stuff going on here. It's been really cold. I have to laugh when I see my little weather pixie on the right of my page on here. It will say 23 degrees & she has a light sweater on over her tank top. I'm like what? Ok, I just came back from Walmart wearing a sweatshirt & heavy coat. My hands were so numb I could barely sign for my debit card. Everywhere you turn around there's ice hanging & you Miss Thang are wearing a little sweater over your tank!! LoL! I know it takes so little to get me going huh?!?!?!
If the weather cooperates we are going to Matt's parents today for his Grandmother's 77th Birthday!! We are going early afternoon hoping to beat the bad weather. We are suppose to get some snow (possibly 3 inches) then on top of that comes Freezing rain. Fun huh?!?! I really want to go but if you know the hill we live on you know Do Not Go Anywhere In The Snow!! I swear it goes straight up. There's times my ears will pop as I'm going up. Crazy!
Well it's on 6ish & I had woke up with Shan but she has just fallen back to sleep so I think I'll join her. Oh! BTW, sleep has been much better this week. Not 100% but lots better. So I can not complain.


Well we are not leaving the house today. After writing this it started snowing. It snowed about an hour. Then, here came the ice! Matt's mom called & said do NOT come up here. The roads are awful. Ahhh! I haven't left this house forever. I was really looking forward to getting out a bit. Guess I'll go find something to clean:) Yay!!!!!!!


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Awww, bummer you didn't get to go to the party and get out of the house! But better safe than sorry!

Michelle said...

Sorry you're having to stay in so much. Hopefully it clears up so you can get out of the house before you go crazy!

kbug said...

I'm so sorry you guys weren't able to go to the party.....but it sounds like you don't need to be going anywhere with the weather you're having. But fear not, the snow and ice will eventually go away and you'll have some nice weather for getting out. In the meantime, you guys should get out and play in the snow while it lasts.....I miss sledding in the snow soooo much...... :)