Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Poor Baby

My sweet baby girl has RSV. She woke up yesterday morning & was playing like normal but I could hear her breathing 2 rooms away. I got Matt up & he took her to get checked out. She's got alot of congestion & RSV. You would never know it though. She's acting better than ever. You should have seen me while they were gone. I cleaned every room in this house. I called him 12 times. Even while the Dr. was seeing her LOL! I know Matt loves her as much as I do. I know he needs to do things for them to but wow it was hard letting him for some reason. Shannon has been right on my hip since a few weeks after Matt left & I mean every single day!!! Her & I are never apart. So it was scary for me not knowing what the Dr. was doing to my baby. Although, it was best Allison & Ty were both asleep. I wanted her to get checked out quickly so waking them & everyone going was out of the picture. Plus, Matt needed this. He liked actually being there & talking with the Dr. about his baby girl. He told me he hated the situation (he didn't want her sick) but he loved the fact he was there when she needed her daddy. I like that too


Charla said...

Awww, my Shannon bug is sick!!!!:(
I hope she feels better soon Court!! Give her a hug from Aunt Charla!!! :) Did my trick on her medicine work???? Talk to ya later!! Love you guys!!


michelle said...

I hope Shannon feels better. Give her a hug from me too!!!!