Friday, September 22, 2006

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This pretty much sums up the last few days for me. Between the kids & I having this neverending cold. Planning Birthdays. Getting homecoming stuff ready & doing the regular house/kids stuff. I'm going nuts. You'd think time would be going by fast for me but nope busy as ever & time is just creeping along. After finding out not alot of people could come for the birthday party. I decided to just take the kids to Gattyland & come back home for cake & gifts! They are more than happy for that anyway. The party was mainly for Ty anyway & he's not really in the "party mood". He is really missing his daddy lately. It's sad. Because of the military Matt has only been to one of his birthday parties.That was last year & the only reason why he was able to do that was because he was only in training & I was going in to have Shannon the next day. So everything was crazy & it wasn't much of a party for him. He loves Gattyland though & I let him pick where we go.
Shannon got her very first birthday gift the other day. From daddy! Only thing is. She is terrified of it. LOL! It's the cutest Pooh Bear that walks & sings but she is very afraid of dogs. Or as she calls it "DOW" She thinks it's a dog & screams when she sees it. Good news though she adores the big box it came in. She has played in it for days. So Matt wasn't too upset once he knew something made her happy. I told him next time we'll just get her a box!

Well, sorry to cut it so short but I have cakes to order,gifts to wrap & exactly 147 dishes waiting in my sink:) I'll be back sometime this weekend to show off some pictures. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Shionge said...

Wow! Busy busy! Anyway, Happy Birthday Ty! Hope you had fun.

Take care and hope the family reunion would be sooner than expected.

Charla said...

Hey girl! Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!!!! Happy 4th Birthday Tyson, and Happy 1st Birthday little Miss Shannon! :) Aunt Charla loves you both! ((BIG HUGS))!!!! Eat LOTS of pizza for me! :) Hang in there Court! It'll be well worth it when you see there little greasy pizza faces light up!!! LOL Wish we could be there!!!! We'll have to get together again soon!!!

Love ya,
Charla and kids

Michelle said...

I sure hope that he has a wonderful birthday. I hope that Matt is able to be there for all the rest of the birthdays. I'm sorry time is passing slow, I'm in the same boat there. I keep hoping it speeds up though, gotta keep the faith! Have fun with the kids and have a great weekend!

Mystik said...

That is so precious about the box thing. LOL. I'm glad that Ty got to choose where to go. I know he'll have a great b'day and that you all will have a wonderful day full of fun. Can't wait to see those pics!! Love you girl!! Have a good weekend!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday to Shannon and Tyson! We are sick here as well... not a fun time! Keep busy and smile. Won't be long now!