Sunday, September 24, 2006

Birthday Parties

The party turned out great after some major interruptions. Including...Car not starting,Water Leak,Rain & 3 very cranky kids. I'll explain later but here's some pictures. ~Enjoy~

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Ok I guess it's not working. I never can get slideshows in my post GRrrr! Anyway, I think if you click on view it will take yu to another page where you can see the slideshow. If not let me know ok!


Michelle said...

It worked for me. I'm sorry all that stuff happened, but it still looks like a fun time. I hope everything is fixed and better for you.

Glo said...

Sorry you had so many things go wrong.....But the Pics were great.Cake's were cute.Did you do them??? Hope everything going well now.
Love Ya

Courtney said...

Yup it worked. Sorry about all the problems but I am glad it ended up working out for you. At least the kids had fun. Man I want a spiderman web shooter, that looks like fun.

Charla said...

Hey girl, never fails, something always goes wrong, but I'm glad the kids had a good day. Hunter has one of those gumball toys too...he LOVES it! LOL

Sorry I haven't called for a few days, I've worked weird hours this weekend. I work again tonight but I'll try to call tomorrow! :)

Love ya,