Friday, September 15, 2006

Friendship Friday

Well, Sandra came up with an idea for Fridays. Friendship Friday. As she said...Do you have a friend you would like to honor? Maybe they did something special for you, or were there through a rough period in your life. Maybe they helped you move or brought over chicken soup when you were sick, watched your kids for you?
I really love this idea. I have so many friends that mean so much to me.Some actually most are closer than family. So today I'd like to honor Gloria or as I call her Glo. Or as my kids call her "Gamma Go" (lol) By chance we met through a prayer website set up for where her Mike was & Matt is now. She has not only been a great friend but a true inspiration to me this year. She has helped me in ways she will never know. I love her like family. She calls often just to check on the kids & I. We end up talking for hours & would be longer but one of our phones always ends up dead! (lol) She is such a beautiful person inside & out. I would have made it through this last year without her but it wouldn't have been easy. She just that type of person who can make you laugh on your worst day.
Thank you Glo for not only being a wonderful person but for being my true friend. I love you

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sandra said...

Court thank you for playing along :) Seems that Glo has been a really good friend to you, I'm so glad she's been able to help you through this hard time :)

Not much longer until Matt comes home huh?

Love ya girl :)

Michelle said...

That was such a sweet post! Glo is a sweetheart and even though I haven't known her very long and don't know her as well as you, she has touched my life too. You're such a sweet lady for writing about her. Have a great weekend!

Glo said...

Thanks Court for all the great things you said about me.Also Thanks Michelle. I don't feel I did that much.You guys made my year so much more bearable.You were always there for me when I felt down or sad. I couldn't have made it through this year without your friendship (Courtney,Michelle and Charla)and my blog site.You guys are the best. The phone calls were the best medicine for me.It is I that should be "Thanking You" for all laughter you've brought to me. Also to my new grand kids,I love you very much.Can't wait til we meet and I get those HUGS. Mike just read what you wrote and he "Thanks" you for being there for me.He says he loves you too.
Love and God bless,

Anonymous said...

That's sweet. I'm glad you have her as a friend.