Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Typical Yep Typical

So it's Monday morning 5:45 am & I wake up. I feel good. I couldn't go run a marathon but I was for the most part pretty well rested. I had set my alarm for 6am. (I always wake up right BEFORE the alarm goes off) So I thought well this is good I can turn off the alarm so it won't wake the kids. About that time I hear a little voice say MaMaaaa! Yes it was Shannon:) So I decided to give her a bottle & to get her back to sleep. Instead I ended up sound asleep while she played on my bed! So didn't get to start my new routine Monday & last night I didn't get much sleep so no luck again this morning! BUT.....tonight I'm getting everything done & getting to bed early if it kills me. I WILL start my routine. I have to give this a chance. See I am totally lost at this point. I feel so well not like myself lately. I feel so gross basically all the time. I haven't even been getting dressed. I want to get out of the house but then again I don't (weird I know) I have no reason for feeling this way but I do & I must fix it! I believe that life is 10% of what happens to us but 90% is how we react to it. Some moods & things can't be helped but alot of times if you want to be happy...you can! Well, I have a wonderful husband & 3 great kids. I plan on being happy. Very Happy!


Michelle said...

Well, hopefully things will go as planned tonight so you can get your routine started. I know how you feel though, and I think the hardest thing is just getting started. You can do it!!

Sandra said...

You have a lot on your plate right now Courtney, it's normal to feel that way.

I'm sure you will achieve whatever you set your heart to :) Let me know how the routine goes, I'm starting my new one tomorrow too, we'll see LOL

Love ya girl,

Charla said...

Hey Courtney, I completely understand what you're feeling right now. There have been days recently that I would stay in my PJs all day until time to go to bed again. Jus want to sit down on the couch and not get up until our men are home. Hang in there girl, this year is almost over. We're almost there. Matt will be home very soon! :)

Love ya,

kbug said...

That's funny...I have some of those "fat" days every now and then, too...and I'm not fat, just flabby...it goes along with the age..... :) I know I need to workout more, and I need to start a new routine, but I can't seem to do it either. It's just so hard to make myself get out and walk a couple of miles when it's 104 degrees outside..... :)

Glo said...

Hey girl, Your not FAT your a beautiful young woman and you are ARMY.........You could be fat everyday like me....Oh I forgot I'm not Fat I'm fluffy....That what my granddaughter said one time when she sat on my lap. I had said something about being and she said Meemaw your not fat your fluffy and I like it.:-) So I hope you cheer up,it almost over and you done a great job....

Love you bunches,