Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random Rambling

K....not much really going on. So I'm just gonna ramble a little. LoL!
Well I have been thinking alot about Christmas lately. Not really sure why??? I guess it's because I know that Matt will be here but I am already thinking of plans. I also started to make a list of what I'm going to get people. Am I crazy??? Yea well I! I put a Birthday layaway in for Ty & Shannon last week. Both their Birthday's are next month. Ty will be 4 on September 25th & Shannon will be 1 on September 26th! Yep a day apart. Well, 3 years & 1 day but you get what I mean. So I'm thinking of ideas for their parties. I always said I did not want to do their parties together. I wanted for them to each have their special day but when I think about it. I just don't see everyone coming to 2 parties. So maybe parties together (at least while they are young) is best. Of course they will both have different themes. Talking to Charla last night I may even make their cakes this year! Stop laughing guys!!!!! I know I know it's a funny thought huh?!?!?! It's just an idea right now.
Yesterday was a busy day. Ran some errands. Came home & fixed a big dinner. (Noone Cleaned the kitchen & went to the tanning bed! I love having a tan. I'm going to try to start going back a few times a week. So I can be dark again when Matt comes home:)
Today is about the same. Just trying to stay busy. Well I'm always busy. I guess keep my mind busy. It's such a butterfly in your stomach feeling when they are coming home soon but not soon enough. Very nerve racking!! Oh well every day that goes by get's me one day closer to being in his arms. I can not wait for that. That's where I belong.


Charla said...

Hey girl! About the cakes, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! I have faith in you! Better take pics and show us!!!! :) Take care girl!

Love ya,

Sandra said...

Court, you CAN DO the cakes, believe me. I've always made my kids cakes and it's a lot easier than you think, you can find really good ideas online. I want to see pics though, so don't forget to show us what you made :)

Love ya girl,

Michelle said...

I think about Christmas a lot too, and Thanksgiving. It's so good to know that they'll be back again for these coming holidays.

Glo said...

You go girl...YOU can make the cakes.....
Holidays.........won't it be great,they'll ALL be home for them...

janice said...

you are so cute with the Christmas list. But it makes sense to think about the holidays when your man will be home.

go for it with the cakes!!

Mystik said...

Oh, I have already started Christmas shopping! Started it with Hubby in Australia, and I've been working on it slowly on my own as well. I think you should make the cakes. I've done it before and it's a TON of fun! Just let loose and let your mind go crazy with it. :o) I'll talk to you soon.

Love U Girl!

Christina said...

I know all about the birthday party thing since my two oler ones (now 22 and 20) were both born on Sept. 11th. Since they are boy and girl I swore I would always have 2 parties, but a lot of the time it just turned out to be easier to have one big one. Good luck with the planning.
PS I am starting to plan for Christmas too. With 5 kids still at home I need at least 4 months to get ready or I'd have to go to the poor house.