Friday, August 18, 2006


I have been trying to get sick for days. Not that I want to but you know what I mean your body aches & you have a headache but your not "sick" just yet. I wake up this morning with a headache from hell! My stomach is flipping & turning...Blah!!! I just took some Advil & ate some crackers. It's actually doing better so I pray I can feel good enough to take care of 3 kids & finish this HOUSE!!!! I get so close to everything being perfect (well as perfect as 3 kids in a house can be) and something always throws me back. Ohhhh it's getting annoying! I think I can get it all done by this weekend though. Thank goodness!!!
Yesterday we went & visited Matt's family. His brother & his family are in. Well were in. They are moving to Ohio. (Airforce) It means they are closer so that's great. Alli loves playing with her cousin Hannah. They are the same age & exactly alike. Drama!! It's so funny to see them together. They look alot alike also. So having them only 3 hours away( instead of 18) is great! I just can't wait until Matt is home & he can spend more time with his brother. His brother being in Oklahoma for years they haven't had much time together & now they will have more of that.
Well I better go get some stuff done while I'm still feeling somewhat good. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Christina said...

Thanks for the commnet on my blog. I always check who comments and then come over for a visit. Your blog is neat and I have added it to my links so I can visit you. I hope you soon feel better and I will pray for the safety of your husband. My hubby leaves for a school on August 4 and then for a deployment to Iraq. The orders are still forthcoming since it is a last minute assignment. It's nice you have some family nearby now. Enjoy.

Sandra said...

I'm so sorry you're getting sick Court, I've been feeling the same way, and I have a pounding headache and can't breathe through my nose, but still no cold or flu in sight....

TAke it easy ok? Don't overdo it :)
Love ya lots,

Charla said...

Hey girl, I hope you were able to get the house together today! I'm sorry you're not feeling well! Thanks for thinking about Zach!:) Take care girl! Love ya!! :)

ME!!! :)

Michelle said...

I hope that you get to feeling better soon. Good luck with getting the house in order!