Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To!


Matt called me first thing this morning to wish me a Happy B~day! That made my day:) That's all the gift I needed! Charla also called this afternoon with a special little silly birthday song and of course all the Happy Birthday's from all you! Thank you ALL! Although I thought some family would call. Oh well all I need is my wonderful husband & a great friend to make my day some much better right! Still it's my birthday I'm without my Matt so yes I'm whining & complaining! I have spent my day packing & cleaning. Fun huh?!?!?! I will be moving on Tuesday! Wooo Hooo but let me tell ya next year I'm having one big shin dig for my birthday! I keep thinking of all the little things I took for granted before Matt left. When he comes home those little things will never be little anymore! This year for Christmas I'm cooking in our new house. A huge meal & spending all day playing with the kids. All is welcome but we aint going anywhere!!! Do you blame us? I am also getting started on Christmas early this year. I say that every year but this time I'm gonna do it! This Christmas will be one we will never forget. Listen to me...already talking Christmas & summers not! Oh well, it's my Birthday for 2 more hours. I'll do what I want!


Charla said...

Again I say: happy,happy birthday, happy happy day, happy happy birthday, from this crazy gang!!! LOL

Next year we will PARTY!!!! LOL
I love ya bunches girl,

Glo said...


So glad you said that about Christmas......I believe youg people with small children should have Christmas in their own home....If others want to be with you,they can come to you or have the "big family garthering" the week before....
Be sure and send pics of the new house....I soooooo happy and proud of you. Take care.
Lots of Love and Hugs,

P.S. a little prayer for your new home..."Bless this home(Courtney's and Matt's) O' Lord we pray,make it Safe by night and day. Amen

michelle said...

Hey girl! I do not blame you at all about spending Christmas at home. You are a family and you need start making your own family traditions. I loved that when Nathan and I moved away and did not have any family there. It was sad not to have them there but at the same time it was exciting to start new traditions. Like going to the beach on Christmas! LOL.

I know that one is a little extreme but we did it and it was fun!

Michelle said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I'm doing the same thing. I've already told Eric that this Christmas I want to do it up good. At least we are getting there. Summer is almost over and school's about to start. So, hopefully the winter will get here quickly, along with our guys!