Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America

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Thank you to all the men & women serving our country that make this day possible. God bless you & this great country!Happy Birthday America!!!

Well I had mentioned the other day about going to watch fireworks tonight but now I'm waiting to hear more anout the weather. It stormed last night & I heard it was going to again today. Waking up this morning I could hear the news & all I heard was our weather guy saying "Not what you want to hear on the 4th...sorry!" Well poo! I was looking forward to it. GREAT...now I have to tell the kids & hear that all day! Rain...I hate rain!!!! Oh well, maybe we can find something else to do or maybe it won't storm. (fingers crossed) Yea right..if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Rain...did I mention I hate rain?!?!?!


Sandra said...

Happy Fourth of July to you and the family :)

Isn't that a bummer??? We've had storms here too and I have to deal with the constant "why can't I go outside and play?", "but why is it still raining?"....UGH!!!

Hope you get to see the fireworks, if not, I hope you have a great day anyway :)
Love ya girl,

jesprincess said...

What a sweet video. I didn't notice it last time. It gave me goosebumps. Anyway, I like to watch Patriot (Mel Gibson) on or around the 4th to remind me of how and why we came to be. The kids aren't old enough yet though :( I hope the weather clears up for you!

Glo said...

How Court,
It may clear off by tonight. Ours is to be over by noon.
when you say you hate rain,just think of our guys setting over there in 130 degree heat wishing it would rain. Don't give up yet girl the day not over......

Michelle said...

I hope it doesn't storm so you're able to enjoy the fireworks. If it does rain, I hope you have a wonderful day anyways.

Mystik said...

It just started pouring here too!! RIght when people started setting off their fireworks! What perfect timing. I don't mind rain sometimes, but it sucks today. I hope you're having a great 4th, and maybe it did clear up for you in the end. BTW, thanks for sending it my way instead!! LOL! I heard your video for the first time last night and I cried! It's such a sweet song and it really hits home for us military wives. I went onto iTunes and downloaded the cd and I'm going to burn it for Hubby. I know he'll love the song too. Take care, girl!
I love ya!