Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fun Anway!

Well no the rain didn't stop & yes the storms kept coming. It was a very dark,wet,yucky day but while thinking of something else the kids & I could aunt calls. She invited us to come over for another cookout. It was so nice. Almost my whole family minus 3 or 4 were there! We hadn't all gotten together like that for a long time. It's all Alli can talk about seeing "her Kristin" which is my cousin. She loved watching movies in her purple room! See my cousin is 17 which is perfect because Allison thinks she's! We all had a good time. We got in from there got baths & the kids were watching tv when they started hearing fireworks outside. I looked out my bedroom window & you could see the sky just lighting up with different colors! See we live on a huge well, mountain really. The kids layed in my bed & watched the fireworks until they fell asleep. So that was wonderful. Seeing there face light up & laughing together. So we didn't let a little rain ruin a beautiful 4th of July!


Michelle said...

That's wonderful! I'm so glad you were able to enjoy yourselves despite the rain.

Shionge said...

Near a mountain? Wow! Can you post a pix to show us?

It's so HOT HOT HOT here - oh, pls chase the rain over here :P


Anonymous said...

See God had a plan.....Put the family together,because of rain the had a little bonus for you at the end.....It's like his rainbow to you. Just with more color and boom.....Glad you guys had a good day after all.
We had a nice soaking rain here too.Was kinda glad of that since it's been so dry and I have fireworks going off on all four sides of my house.Don't mind pretty,but LOUD ones started on the first and ended after 2am this morning.
Glad you and the kids had a wonderful 4th.
Love ya,Sweetie

Mystik said...

That's great, Court! I'm happy to hear that you all had such a great time anyway!