Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tagged & Crazy Busy!

Today has been crazy busy sorry no Tackle It Tuesday but I just had no time for anything the past couple days. I will be back with mine next week I promise! Sorry to cut this short but have a a zillion things to get done. Before I go I have been tagged by sweet Sandra!

Seven things to do before I die: See my babies have their babies, Go to Hawaii,Own a house on the beach,Be happy with just being ME, Learn to cook(LOL!),Change someones life for the better,See a world with no war

Seven things I cannot do: Live without my family,sleep without the tv on,reheat food & eat it,use my left hand for anything,sleep without my sheet(I have slept with it since I was 5 & I have to hold it everynight!!!),Math(I would have never passed without Matt),Drive a standard(Shut up Matt....lol)

Seven things that attract me to my husband: If I can only name 7 then....His looks of course! His ability to make everyone in a room laugh,His love for our children,His love for me, His courage,The way he holds me(Gosh I miss that), The way he takes care of me even on the other side of the world

Seven things I say most often: I love you,I miss you,honey,chic,Do you want me to call your dad(Like I can...lol) Stop that,Do I look fat in this????

Seven books (or a series of books) I love: "Your Guide To Pregnacy"(I would not have made it without it!),I'm A Soldier Too (Jessica Lynch story) Chicken Soup for The Military Wives Soul, The Left Behind series,Thats about it I haven't read forever well considering...lol

Movies I’d Watch Over and Over Again: Our wedding video, Steel Magnolias,Pretty Woman,Hope Floats,Just Like Heaven,Fast & Furious(but only with Matt...Its his favorite!) Mad Love

Seven people I’d like to tag: April,Faith,Michelle(Until He Comes Home),Courtney(My Heart Is In Iraq) Stephanie & I think everyone else I know was tagged! Sorry no links but again BUSY BUSY B


Charla said...

hey girl, I've got to make my list too..Sandra tagged me too..lol! I know what you mean, today has been busy for me too! It never seems to end does it?!?! Hope things settle down around there so you can relax! Love ya chic!

Michelle said...

It sounds like you're super busy. I haven't read the "I'm a Soldier Too" book, but I love "Chicken Soup for the Military Wives Soul." Thanks for the tag, and for the nice comment on my blog!