Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Isn't it funny how something so little happens & it could totally change how you look at life completly. This happened to me today & I had to share this story. Now bare with me this story may seem silly but then again you might just "get it".
Today the kids were eating bowl after bowl of applesauce. They had almost eaten the whole container but it being applesauce & not junk I was glad to keep filling their bowls. Well they had done this here & there all day until it was about empty when of course they both come running for more. I explained they'd have to wait until I got more because I didn't have enough for 2 bowls. Well the fights began. Eventually Ty ended up telling Alli that she could go ahead & take the rest. After telling him how proud I was of him & lots of praising I filled Alli's bowl. Then before throwing the container away I realized I could scrap a little out. After doing so he ended up with more than Alli. I called for him to come look & he was thrilled. I told him good things come to those who wait & he (not really understanding) said "yep,my know" (he calls himself my instead of After he ran out of the kitchen it got me thinking of how many times I'd let someone have the last bit of ice cream or pudding or whatever just to find out I could hold out & in the end be given more. Which led me to think of the same theory in life. In life it seems I have had to wait for alot of things. A car of my own,a house of our own & even getting married. I remembered how disappointed I was to have to put things aside & wait. See other people get what I wanted & I was left waiting. I hated it. It felt so unfair & now yet again I'm left waiting. Waiting on my soldier. Although now I see that maybe waiting isn't all that bad if what your waiting on is worth it. I eventually got that car,house,etc... and now I see it meant so much more because I appreciated it so much more. So yea I'm waiting again but you know he is well worth it & I know that this wait has made our family so much closer. For that I am thankful. So next time someone wants that last bit of applesauce go ahead be nice & let them have it because if you scrap the edges just a little you'll always end up with more. I promise!



michelle said...

Oh my gosh Court that made me cry. You are doing such an amazing job and you are right, they are worth waiting on.

Charla said...

That's such a great way of looking at things Court! I'll have to try to keep that attitude from now on! Love you girl!!

Michelle said...

That was so amazing. I really needed to hear that today. You're doing wonderful, and you're right, it is well worth the wait!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful story! I totally get it. You are so right. Wow, thanks for putting things in perspective for me :)

Sandra said...

Court you brought tears to my eyes. LOVED LOVED your post today. I really needed to hear that today especially with my niece being sick and me not being able to be there and having to way until I CAN go.

You're so right, it's hard to stand by and let things happen, to just give it to the Lord and wait until it's HIS timing. I've struggled with this for so long and I know I will for a lot longer, but your post just reminded me that it's always worth it even if you don't see it right away.

Thank you Court, thank you for always knowing just what to say, you're such an amazing lady and I'm proud to call you a friend.
I love you girl,

Emily said...

Good post, lady! I'm glad you came through with such a strong, spirited perspective today. What a blessing for you, and thanks for passing it onto us!! Hang in there -- he's coming home soon!!!! Ok, well, soon is a relative term, but you know what I mean.