Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tackle It Tuesdsay

I didn't participate last week because I was so busy but glad to be back this week. For more Tackle it Tuesday's see

  • Janice over at 5 Minutes For Mom. Come & play along!

  • Ok you know how you have that one place in your house where you put everything. If something doesn't have a designated "place" it just goes there. Well our place are some shelves in our kitchen. I put everything there. Papers,cleaning supplies,anything & everything. If you look close you'll even see an MRE!. It's a joke with Matt & I when he asked where something is I'll always say on the shelf in the kitchen. I had been wanting to get these shelves cleaned up forever! Guess What??????? Yep finally did:) So here ya go. Take a look but get ready it's disturbing! LOL!




    Mom2fur said...

    With us, the catchall place is usually a laundry basket, where everything that isn't all that important gets 'dumped.' Your shelves look great! Now the trick is to keep them that way--which is my own hope for the photo album shelves I cleaned up over at my own blog.

    Charla said...

    Hey girl looks great. Steve has a whole friggin' box of MREs here that he's never eaten! They may come in handy sometime on a camping trip, but I'd have to be really hungry to eat one..you ever tried one? BLAHH!! though sometimes you can find good desserts in them...lol..anyway, I'm still workin' on my Tackle It Tuesday, I'll post pics when I'm done!! TTYL Love ya!

    Sandra said...

    That looks awesome Court, you did a great job :) Now the trick is to keep them like that LOL.....come on, I know you can do it. LOL

    LOL at the MRE, I have a few at home too, I tried one once and thought it was absolutely deliscious....errr, I mean REVOLTING. LOL
    Sometimes when I'm not in the mood to cook and Curt asks what's for dinner, I say "Just pick an MRE". LOL the look he gives me is priceless and I DO end up cooking LOL

    latibug said...

    My place is the end of our kitchen bar. Everything goes there. Considering that our kitchen is the center of our home it has to get cleaned off at least once a week. I hope that I can eventually find one place to put this stuff, but alas I have not.

    Your space looks great. Good luck with keeping it up!

    michelle said...

    I too have a hidden trash area, uhhh i mean storage area! lol. If you run out of the MRE's I have a whole box of them! Just let me know.

    Courtney said...

    WOW!!! Good job. That looks awesome. My place is my closet. Oh my word just the thought gives me shudders.

    Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

    WONDERFUL!!! Now the challenge can you keep it that way? :D

    EmilyRoseJewel said...

    I am tackling my catch all spots the last two weeks and feel so much better. I still have several places to go, but Tues. always comes around thankfully. Good going on yours! Mine is up!

    Michelle said...

    Congratulations on getting it cleaned up! Looks like you did a really good job.

    stacey said...

    It looks great!
    I did my catch-all place today too--the top of my refrigerator.
    come by if you get the chance.

    janice said...

    oooh - looks good!! congrats on a job well done!!!

    i never have eaten an MRE - but they sure could come in handy!