Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Same Old Stuff

Well not much new here. Same old stuff cleaning & cooking & cleaning & chasing kids & cleaning & diapers & oh did I mention cleaning????? I took the kids to see Cars yesterday evening. They liked it well what they saw of it between the 100 bathroom trips! ( joke!) Today...lets see today I will pretty much be doing the same cleaning. Oh & I got a huge storage container for Matt's "Army stuff". Although I have alot more to put away & the containers about full. It's helped alot. So one step closer to an ORGANIZED home:) Today I have to start with dishes. Then I'm going to tackle the rest of Matts 654 pairs of boots.LoL! Then head to the kids room. (YaY!!!!!!) Fun stuff huh????? I live the exciting life you don't have to say it out loud I know your thinking it! Oh, can't forget I have to make a quick trip to Wal-mart for baby formula & get something easy oh I mean amazing to fix for tomorrow night. My mother in law is coming down. The kids are sooo excited about that! She has had surgery & been off her foot for about 6 weeks or longer & they aren't used to going that long without a NaNa visit! So they should be nice. Well must go I just heard the words "I didn't do it" So you know what that means...TROUBLE!Food Fight

Have a great day & if you have a few extra minutes to spare send them my way! I'll pay shipping:)

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Charla said...

Sounds like a typical day at my house too, hang in there girl..
Love ya,

Michelle said...

I'm glad the kids had fun at the movies. I hope your have a good visit with your mother-in-law. Sounds like you're really busy at home, but I hope the time is passing fast for you. I have some extra minutes if you would like them, I'd gladly share:)

Sandra said...

Sounds like my

Glad you're moving one step closer to being fully organized, I find that no matter how much I try, it just never seems to happen :)

Love ya,

michelle said...

Good luck with all the boots! Why do they have all those dang things anyway! Ray has one of the hall closets full of all his gear. I try not to open it. LOL.

jesprincess said...

Hey. I'm where you are. Mine is in Afghanistan. I also have a 3 and 5 year old. The 3 is turning 4 Saturday. A friend found your site for me and I think I'll be reading from now on. Sounds just like me (on a really good day). And like Michelle, we have a hall closet full of gear that I try not to open!