Friday, June 30, 2006

Wrong Title

You may wonder what this title means. Well, I woke up this morning with the baby. While feeding her I decided to write a post. The title & post had to do with lack of rest. She quickly finished her bottle. I then sat her down to play & finish my post. She started he usual DaDa Da Da! Which I have to say is so adorable! Anyway, she just so happened to be playing with one of her favorite toys. A blue teddy bear that has I Love My Daddy written on it. When I thought...How proud would Matt be if he just saw her right now. Playing with this toy,looking so beautiful this morning & singing his name as she always does. Then it hit me. Courtney, quit the complaining. Yes your tired but Matt hasn't slept in about 30 some hours! I complain that I don't have a minute to do things because the kids but what he wouldn't give right now to break up a fight between them,feed Shannon a bottle,kiss a boo boo,get woke up in the middle of the night by a bad dream or yes even change a dirty diaper. I complain because the kids are constantly running in & out keeping the house from staying as cool as I want it. He's dealing with 120 degree weather. I complained yesterday of the long line at Walmart when he's spent the last 10 months doing nothing but hurrying up just to wait & wait & wait. I complain of not getting that hot bath because the baby will cry or the kids need something. When he may go days without a shower and to get that shower or even use the bathroom has to walk minutes to do so. I complained yesterday of the phone ringing all day. When he would love to hear the voice of his family or friends even for a second. I thought of all these things. Not only did I get a huge burst of energy but I heard God tell me "Courtney you can do this! Take a second to remember what I have set out for your husband to do for me". Things I have needed to see for a long time. I have always appreciated all Matt does in & out of "Army" but today my heart is over flowing with appreciation for him & every soldier out there today. I think if we all just thought about all I have said here for just one day it would change their views on this war,this country & life completely. Thank you my wonderful husband for all you deal with in just a day. It may have gone unnoticed from me for a minute but never again! Thank you soldiers. It may have gone unnoticed by me for a minute but never again. Never Again!

CourtneyYellow Ribbon


Sandra said...

Courtney, you brought tears to my eyes. One of the things I LOVE about you is that you're so open and so honest about your feelings and what you're going through, and you say exactly what goes through the minds of so many military wives.

You're so inspiring to me, and you're doing such an amazing job with the kids. Matt is so lucky to have you :)

Hope you're having a great day.
Love ya girl,

Diana said...

Courtney, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Hearing your perpective is just have I needed today. You're a beautiful lady, inside and out.

Michelle said...

That's a wonderful thought. I agree completely. We all need to stop and think about what our men and women in uniform go through every day. It sure would help to not take for granted our daily freedoms. Thank you for sharing that. I know I needed to hear that too.

Charla said...

Hey girl,
You're completely right. I was complainging to Steve about it being miserable here the other day 'cause it kept raining and raining. He just laughed and said "Miserable, try working in 125 degree weather, sweating in places you never knew you could sweat before and then having the wind blow and ending up with sand in your face and stuck in your pores, then you can complain about miserable!" LOL I know it's not funny, but it was the way he said it that got me! LOL But ya know, he's right. We really have no idea what they deal with every day over there, and we really do need to keep that in mind! Thanks for the post hun!
Love ya,