Saturday, June 03, 2006

More Pics At The Lake!

I bet my sister a dollar she wouldn't jump out & well she did! I'll pay her later lol!

I was going to pretend I caught that fish but I couldn't even touch it so the kid who really caught it is holding it. Then he threw it at me! Ewwww!

My sis thought she'd catch me off guard but HA! Can't catch me!!!!

Me & my little sis!

Tyson & I playing on the slide....LOL!


Emily said...

Oh Court!!! I'm so sorry that I've been behind in posts! Consider yourself in my prayers... what a tough time to be going through but God is faithful to you. Think about how much you love your kids: he loves you a billion times more!

I would recommend reading a book I have called "Life Inside The "Thin Cage" " I think you'll really like it and find it helpful.

I'm so glad you are able to talk to Matt. What a blessing. Yesterday Dan tried to call but we got 20 seconds of phone connection in before we lost connection. Sigh.

Sandra said...

LOL Court love the pic with the fish, that would have been me too LOL

Loved all the photos :)

Emily said...

Hey! I saw your post on my blog... if you want any tips, let me know what kind of music you like and then I'll let you know some groups that are comparable... it's SO HARD to quit cold turkey, so don't even expect to do that. I will always be a die-hard Dave Matthews Band fan, etc. But to listen to the Black Eyed Peas occasionally instead of every time I get into the car makes a huge difference for me mentally... check out if you're interested in ordering music...