Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Day At The Lake

As you may have read before since Matt's been gone I hate weekends! Don't understand it but I do. So I was talking to Matt this morning & he encouraged me to take the kids & get out of the house. So I decided to take the kids to Beech Fork Lake. It's maybe 20 minutes from our house. My sister Amanda also joined us & we had so much fun! It was a beautiful day. I have now decided I want a boat! So honey........???????? Here are some pics I took at the lake.
This is one part of the lake
Here is my sister & the kids during our picnic
This is my goofy son. Have no clue what he was doing but thats Ty!
Allison stops to pose for me!

Shannon loved the swings!


syvanna said...

great page thanks for comenting on mine i have not posted in a while too busy with the memorial and all um come read my blog soon im sure ill post within the next few days

Glo said...

Glad to see you and the Kids are getting out some. Your sister is beautiful too. Some day I have to show you how to fish and hole em. Ha Ha You guys need to do more of this kind of stuff and when Matt gets back do it again.....Love Ya
Sorry about the venting yesterday.

Sandra said...

Love the photos Court...your kids are adorable and the lake seems like such a beautiful place.

I'm so glad you guys are going out, nothing is worse than the weekends. I think because during the week your busy with the kids and errands etc, and then the weekends it's so boring without your hubby there LOL

Love ya girl,