Thursday, May 11, 2006

It Must Be In The Air

Well reading through the blogs today I noticed a trend. Everyone seems to be down for some reason or other. It must be in the air I guess. I to have felt pretty bummed the last couple days. I found out the other day we did not get the house Rolling Eyes but I am not going to let it get me down. I have a home & although it needs work....I should feel lucky. I am just going to work on things here & worry about other stuff when Matt gets home.
I am going to start planting some flowersFlowers & Butterfly and although I have no green thumb....I'll learn. I thought it would help me from feeling so down about the house & give me something to do. A project! I have also let this place go since I thought we were moving so I must do some major cleaning & tossing. That should keep me busy for a couple days maybe!
One thing I have learned from all this deployment is I am ALOT stronger than I ever thought I was. I have realized that I can do this on my own (although I don't want to...I can) I have learned that Matt is in my life because I want him to be not because I need him to be. I used to think that I couldn't handle things without him. I would go to him about every little thing. Now I am so much stronger.

Girls, this sucks no if's and's or but's about it but we can make it! We are strong women standing beside our men & families till' the end!!!! If we stick together it will be over before we know it & we will be on here complaining about their clothes all over the bedroom floor! We will survive....I promise! Besides we are women. We have never let anything or anyone tell us we can't do something right?!?!?!
Why start now?????


ButterflyEDIT: Something I just found out. Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!! So Happy Military Appreciation Day ladies!!!! Have a great day & hang in there!Camouflage


kbug said...

You said it right...women are much stronger than most give them credit for...however, we also have to vent to get it out of our systems...but we get right back up and keep trudging along afterwards. Yeah, we'll all make it through these deployments because of the friendships we've developed here. When one or more of us is down, someone else says just what we need to hear. It's funny how you can get to be friends with someone you've never met...oh my gosh, I love this technology..... :)

Courtney said...

Ditto to everything she said and you said. I agree it this sadness has become a trend and now it will stop and we will keep trucking along like we always do.

APE said...

It's weird I didn't think I would get through mu hubbies deployment, however I did and now it seems like a distant memory. With him being gone now I didn't think I would be able to get this house sold and another one bought but it's coming along. Stressful at times. Everyone hang in there it will pass.


Sandra said...

Court you are so right. I'm usually the weak one until hubby deploys and I have to become mom and dad. Then we become superwomen, we are mom, dad, mechanics, electricians etc LOL

From one military spouse to another, hang in there and HAPPY MILITARY SPOUSE DAY!!!

We should all get together and have a party LOL
Love ya girl, hang in there :)

Emily said...

Hey there sugar -
My tip of the day -- although flowers are nice, buy them for gifts for yourself, they're not seasonal. I say buy a really new cool houseplant. Maybe I'll put up a picture of mine that I bought. I don't have a green thumb either, so I had to learn how to take care of it and it's been really comforting, actually, to "care" for something while Dan is away. Plus it's neat to watch it grow over the two years (two years?? ugh, I hate to think of it that way!)

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!


Faith said...

:-) We can handle anything we set our minds too. So far so good.

Keep up the good work. Show me photos of the green thumb learning. Perhaps I can learn a thing or two.