Monday, May 08, 2006


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  1. I love Matt,Allison,Tyson,Shannon with all thats inside me
  2. I miss Matt like crazy but whats new huh?!?!
  3. My favorite color is pink
  4. I worry constantly about my weight...sometimes too much
  5. I live in Matt's Army sweats
  6. I live in a small town in Kentucky
  7. I was born & grew up in Kenova WV (sucks)
  8. I don't get along great with my mother (sometimes I feel like her mother)
  9. I love my mother in law like my own mom
  10. I live on healthy choice dinners
  11. I can not cook for crap
  12. I never sleep & I miss it....BAD
  13. I am terrified of heights
  14. I love to shop
  15. I love decorating
  16. I love dancing with my kids
  17. I love to sing
  18. I like looking pretty
  19. I'm obsessed with pictures
  20. I am addicted to Pepsi
  21. but drink ALOT of water......less calories (Grrrr)
  22. I miss my grandpa
  23. I wish he could have seen Ty & Shannon
  24. I have never been on a plane
  25. I love Smirnoff Ice (Shhhhhh.....He He He!)
  26. I can't drink it while Matts gone......I get really sloppy!
  27. I married my best friend
  28. I watch The Real World when I can (i know shut up)
  29. I only really get to watch the Disney channel
  30. I love to laugh
  31. I love Matts kisses
  32. I love Allison's hair
  33. I love Ty's eyes
  34. I love Shannon's smile
  35. I spoil my kids often
  36. I love to cook out
  37. I love Starbucks
  38. I am a Leo (7/30/81)
  39. I wanted to be an actress
  40. I'm known to some as a princess
  41. Matt spoils me...alot!
  42. I love it though....he he he!
  43. I love talking with my grandma
  44. I am addicted to my computer
  45. I am never organized
  46. I want to be organized
  47. I love to swim
  48. I love the beach
  49. I want to go to Hawaii
  50. I worked as a preschool teacher for 3 years
  51. I hated school
  52. I am terrified of doctors
  53. I can't live without my eyeliner
  54. I like 80's music
  55. My middle name is Michelle
  56. I named Allison.....allison CARLIE after Matt......matthew CARL
  57. I named Ty after my brother who passed away
  58. I am a very nervous person
  59. I can't set through a movie
  60. I think George Bush is nice looking....shut up again!
  61. I love my blog
  62. I am an Army Wife & love times....I think
  63. I am blessed
  64. I like to take long hot baths but don't often get to
  65. I am afraid of the dark
  66. I can't sleep in my bed without Matt
  67. I am smarter than I look
  68. I have been told I look like Kelly Ripa...don't think so though
  69. I have been told I act like Kelly true!
  70. I can laugh at my dumb blonde mistakes
  71. I get bored easy
  72. I hate doing dishes
  73. I wish my house was cleaner
  74. My favorite actress is Drew Barrymore
  75. My other is Julia Roberts
  76. My eyes are poop green....I hate it!
  77. My hair is natural although noone believes me
  78. I HATE deployments
  79. My uncle Jack teaches English in the UAE (Abu Dhabi)
  80. I think he is brilliant
  81. I love summer
  82. I am a SAHM (right now) & love it!
  83. My children are my biggest accomplishment
  84. I brag about my kids ALOT
  85. I gossip but trying to
  86. Ok no I'm not!
  87. I am realizing how boring I am now
  88. I can burp like a Man...gross huh?!?!?!
  89. I stay cold
  90. Storms terrify the poo out of
  91. I get PMS...bad!
  92. I hate to be interrupted
  93. I put things off until the very last minute
  94. I am a Daddy's Girl
  95. I want to grow old with my husband
  96. I need to be doing 100 other things right now
  97. I am running out of things about myself!
  98. I love being married
  99. I love being a mommy
  100. I need to give myself more credit sometimes


Sandra said...

Loved your post, I swear you and I are a lot alike in some things LOL

It was like reading something about myself. lol

Hope you have a great day Court.

Faith said...

You are hilarious.

Faith :-)

Emily said...

I love this line:

"I am an Army Wife & love times....I think"

SO TRUE! You hit the nail on the head on that one. What a sweet list.


kbug said...

This is too can we be so much alike when we are such different ages. I always thought my mind stopped aging when I was in my 20s, I guess I was right..... :) SAHMs must be very rare these was getting pretty rare in my day. I stayed home to raise my 3 boys and never regretted it, even when we had to sacrifice so much to do it. My boys are grown now and I have a great job, but the way I see it, they will always be my greatest accomplishment. I love 'em with all my heart..... :)