Sunday, May 21, 2006

A~Z MeMe (Tagged willingly by Sandra)

A is for Age: 24
B is for Blooms: Daises & Sunflowers
C is for Career: Mommy to my three beautiful children
D is for Dad’s Name: Chuck
E is for Essential Item to Bring to a Party: Myself (It's no party without me right!)
F is for Favorite Songs at the Moment: Whats left of me (Nick Lachey)
G is for Goof-off Thing to Do: Dancing with kids
H is for Hometown: Kenova,WV
I is for Instrument You Play: Well played trumpet in middle school band but was TERRIBLE!
J is for Jam or Jelly you Like: Grape jelly
K is for Kids: 3 Allison,Ty,Shannon
L is for Living Arrangement: Husband deployed :( So right now its just myself & 3 kids in Ky
M is for Mom’s Name: Judy
N is for Names of Good Friends: Charla
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: 3, when my kids were born
P is for Phobias: Heights & mice!
Q is for Quotes you Like: Don't sweat the petty stuff & don't pet the sweaty stuff! It's all fun & games till' someone puts an eye out then it's fun but you just can't see! LOL!
R is for Relationship That Lasted Longest: 7 years with my Matthew!
S is for Siblings: 1 sister Amanda & 1 brother who passed away Tyson
T is for Texas: Never been there but would like to go
U is for Unique Trait: As Sandra said.....We are all unique right!
V is for Vegetables You Love: Well, not alot! Maybe just lettuce & potatoes
W is for Worst Traits: I would say none....Matt would say temper but what does he know....LOL!
X is for X-rays You’ve Had: Ankle
Y is for Yummy Food You Make: Well you ALL know I can't cook but Matt loves when I make his favorite Hot Ham & Cheese Subs (At least he says
Z is for Zodiac Sign: Leo (July 30th)


Sandra said...

Love your answers, especially the party thing LOL

Thanks for playing along, I always love knowing more about all these wonderful ladies :)

Hope you're having a great day with the kids.

Charla said...

Hey letter "N"...awww, I love you too!! :) Thank you sooo much for being such a good friend....I'll talk to ya later!!!