Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Need A Vacation!!!!!

I so need a vacation! I have just ran until I have literally dropped these past few days. Yesterday I got the kids ready which is such a headache. It seems if we are just here at the house I can get everyone dressed in minutes but you give me somewhere to go & forget about it we are going to take hours. So anyway, we headed for Wal~mart for diapers that I forgot the other day (shame,shame mommy's don't forget!) & a belt for my sweeper. Of course I can't find the right belt so I'm walking all around the store asking for help & all I get is "well I don't work in that department" . Finally, I walked back to look just one more time then I was out of here & to my surprise there was a worker right there in front of the sweepers. So after a bunch of complaining about my day & this Wal~mart....LOL! I said PLEASE HELP ME and in the most annoying minnie mouse like voice she says "We don't carry that kind.....Sorry!" Ok, thats it right then & there I lost it. Yes completely totally lost it. This poor lady never saw it comin but I just let her have it,checked out & left. Now I feel a little guilty but I begged for help from anyone for 35 minutes with the baby crying! Then find out they have a place for them on the shelf but never carried them......TAKE THE SIGN DOWN THEN! Oh, I forgot to mention I called to make sure they had them before we left the house & oh they had plenty!
Ok sorry bout that had to get all that out! Now onto today. You ever wake up & just know that someone broke in & trashed the place??? I went to bed with a clean house & somehow wake up with it a mess! Maybe by bedtime I'm just so tired I convince myself it's clean. So another day of cleaning ,yard work & the bid hunt for my sweeper belt!! My days going to be filled with lots of coffee & maybe just maybe I might make it.
Everyone have a great Sunday & meet ya back here Monday morning with a smile on my face :) YEA RIGHT....LOL!


Faith said...

Awwww, it will get better hun. We all have those days. Sorry but sometimes those Wal-marts are a big pain in the butt. Especially in Kentucky. The part you are in has what Western Kentucky, by the way best friend went there, and that is about it. Just smile and know it will get better. :-)

Emily said...

I have those days... or I work so hard at cleaning one room that I come out and think -- "I haven't even been in the rest of the house but how did it get MORE disorganized?" Hang in there. :) You're a super trooper for doing all of this with your husband away!!