Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Came across this & thought it would be fun. First thing that comes to mind when I say.............

  1. Buck :: $$$$$$$$

  2. Harry :: Potter

  3. Play :: House Disney (playhouse disney on our t.v constantly)

  4. Monstrosity :: ummmmm........nothing LOL!

  5. Nightclub :: Drama!

  6. Missing ::Matt

  7. Sprout :: Wings & fly outta here! (speaking of my laundry)

  8. Flavor :: Suckers (which reminds me I need to clean out my car.....Don't ask)

  9. Identity :: Stolen Identity (good lifetime

  10. Saucy :: Taco Bell (yummmm!)


Emily said...

I'm sorry... but I can't concentrate on any of your posts until the one that says Matt is home! I am so excited for you!!! Best wishes for your time together. I hope everything just "falls" together like it's meant to happen. He's almost home!

GLO said...

Please God to bring Matt home safe
and give Court piece of mind. So she may be the wife& mother he wants to see.remember Court you are W-O-M-A-N and ARMY so go girl.HOOAH LIVE THE GOOD LIFE FOR TWO WEEKS......yOU GO GIRL