Friday, April 14, 2006

Mommy's work is never done.........WHY?????????

Ok who is sending me all this laundry & dirty dishes???? Whoever it is........STOP!!! Oh my, I am drowning in clothes I need to put away. Where did they all come from? I haven't got all these put away & its already time to wash more. Not to mention the neverending pile of dishes that won't go away. Shewwww like I don't have enough to do right?!?! I have ran around until I just dropped the last few days & today looks like I'll be doing the same. My dad took Ty to get his hair cut yesterday & Allison also went. Shannon was taking a nap & it hit me WOW SILENCE! I said Hello silence remember me? Sorry I? haven't been around lately but I've been busy the last 5 years or so. Please don't forget about me & come visit often.
Well about that time Shan woke up just screaming & the kids burst through the door. Reality hit & I said bye bye silence see ya in about 18 years!! So I got them all lunch & started with the cleaning & mommy stuff. I was so proud. I had wiped down ever wall & just about everything in sight with Lysol. You know that fresh lemon clean smell......Ahhhhh! Anyway, the kids were outside on the porch playing. Well at least Alli was. She screams to me that Tyson is not around front. So here we go that means his doing something wrong don't know what but it's gotta be something bad. I ran around back & there he was covered in mud from head to toe! He looked up at me & just laughed. So I had to undress him on our porch. I know embarrassing stuff mommy's will do but hey my house was as sanitized as a hospital. No way even a drop of dirt was entering!
So after a bath he begged & pleaded to go back out promising to stay right in front of the door. So you know me I gave in. Well I get them in for the evening & of course he needs a bath again but this time he's not that bad. Well, I fill up his water & take his clothes to the hamper. When he screams "NO MOMMY WORMS!"
What? Worms Ty where? He grabs his shorts & in his pocket were EWWWWW.......WORMS! Oh I could have fallen over right then & there.
So after I good scrubbing & me preaching the whole time. Worms are dirty.worms are dirty. He vowed to never do it again! (yea right!)
Well have a great friday! Off to clean & hopefully keep worms out of these rascals pants!


Glo said...

Now Court boys will be thankful it wasn't a snake.I have had those.Matt will think it was real cute. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm off to see the grandkids. Love, God bless and HAPPY EASTER......

Sandra said...

Court that is too funny. Boys are so naughty and mischievious at times, gotta take it with a grain of salt LOL

Not much longer now until you see Matt :)

Just don't overdo yourself trying to get everything perfect for him, remember all he wants right now is his beautiful woman and his beautiful kids and I'm sure he won't even notice anything else. Or maybe that was just my hubby that didn't notice LOL

Hope you have a quieter more relaxing friday :)
Sending loads of love your way,

Mystik said...

It sounds crazy at your house! I would have had a heart attack from screaming at the worms! I'm deathly terrified of those squirmy creatures. It's gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about them. Don't wear yourself out, cuz then you'll be too tired to fully enjoy Matt's company! :o)
Much Love,

Charla said...

Hey Court, sorry can't help but laugh!!!!! Ty and Zach would get along GREAT!!!!!That sounds like something he would do. I ALWAYS check his pants pockets before I wash them. He has a bad habit of filling them with rocks and dirt! Oh, goodness the things mommys have to deal with!! LOL Oh well, it'll make for great stories to tell their first girlfriend!!! LOL Talk to ya later hun!!!!