Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Made My Day!!!

Matt got to see us on the webcam for the first time yesterday. He was so happy he just kept saying "this is awesome". The kids were so happy they kept waving & blowing him kisses. Alli was a little upset that she couldn't see him but eventually got over it by dancing & singing for him. (typical Alli stuff) He made my day he kept telling me how pretty I looked & oh how I needed that! I just cried. (lol) We got to chat with him for a long time. It was wonderful! Certainly the hightlight of my day no my month well best moment since November! LOL!!
I myself saw a Matthew yesterday! I actually saw Matthew Maconahey yesterday. Yes you heard that right! See he is filming a movie here in our area. About the Marshall plane crash. (Marshall University) Which is wonderful for the people in our area. See I live in Ky but its just 3 minutes from where I grew up in WV. Which is just right outside Huntington WV where Marshall is located. I used to go to all the basketball games with my dad when I was younger. It was "our thing". Alot of great memories! I also went to the football games with my grandpa before he passed away. So needless to say our family HUGE Marshall fans! Like they say we bleed green LOL! Anyway the plane crash actually happened in the 70's & actually crashed there in Kenova. So I heard they were filming there yesterday & just had to go look! Let me tell ya I thought I was going to faint! I only drove by & just caught a glimpse but still Matthew Maconahey well a glimpse is enough!! Matthew Fox and a couple other well known actors will also be staring in the movie. We Are...Marshall. Its a huge deal here right now. Everywhere you go it's all the talk. Well I should get. Got lots to get done today & I have to look good never know what star I could be running into today!


Sandra said...

GASP, I'm so jealous. Matthew Mcconaughey is one of my favorite actors and he's so yummy, at least in my opinion LOL

Keep us up to date on whoever you see, or even better, get that camera out LOL Post some pics :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog, it's nice knowing that you'll keep me in your prayers :)

The Kept Woman said...



An in awe.

Love him and his naked bongo playing ways...

AND how cool that you got to do the web-cam thing!!! Not much longer now!!!

Glo said...

I think webcams are the greats thing for the kids.How wonderful Matt could see you.Don't know how my Mother did it in WW2.Nothing for three to four wks.So only 11 days til your man is home. We'll be praying for you... I got some good news yesterday Mike will be home in May now not June. Enjoy your time with Matt. Give him a hug from all of us and a big THANK YOU and God bless.

Mystik said...

OMG.... I love Matthew McConaughey!! He's is a hottie! Hubby took me to go see Failure to Launch and I was flippin' out over him the whole time. I pretty sure Hubby got a little jealous, but he just laughed and shook his head at me. :o)

Rebecca said...


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!! You got to do WHAT?!!! Courtney, You are soooo lucky!

I would LOVE to say "HELLO" to him face to face...just once! It was so ironic, my boss, co-workers and I were just talking about him today. We were debating over how old he is. I was right, he is just 6 months older than me!

Good for your kids too, hun! That was a very sweet thing for him to do! I will say prayers for the safe return of your hubby!