Monday, April 03, 2006


Ok now I recall why I didn't mind wallpapering before. Matt did it! (LOL) It is awful. I love the print I picked out but it is soooo hard to try to piece together. I worked hours & hours on it yesterday & now have pieces here & there all over the bathroom. So I guess I'll give it another shot today.
Oh my gosh last night was terrible! I was chatting with Charla last night about what are men were up to of course! (if you don't know our guys are in the same N.G unit together) When all the sudden out of nowwhere a storm comes through here. It was CRAZY! Doesn't help I'm scared to death of storms & let me tell ya this was awful. Limbs hitting my windows,my lawn chairs were in the road & lights flashing. Needless to say I got no sleep! So I am pooped this morning. On top of cranky & frustrated. Not a woman to mess with today. (LOL) Well better get breakfast done,dishes,dress the kids,get Matt's birthday box out,grocery shop. Well I could go on & on but mommy's you know the drill!
Have a great monday ya'll!!!!!!!!


Glo said...

Wish I lived closer to you I'd help you out with the wallpapering. I love doing wallpaper. I'm geting ready to change mine in the living
(one wall) then down the hall.Hope I get it done before Mike gets home in June. The tuff part will be taking the old paper off,it been up 16yrs and when I put up wallpaper it stays up. Hoping the rest of your day goes well.I do remember the Mommy days and then I had a daycare in my home for years. Now I'm depressed,all the kids I took care of in my home are Graduating this year.My,My where do the years go. Well I must get back to my cleaning. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.....Glo

Kristin said...

Hey Court. I haven't talked to you online in FOREVER. I think it's about time for another chat. We have TONS to catch up on. :o)

Love ya ♥