Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fun with NaNa!

The kids had a blast friday night & yesterday with their NaNa! They made suckers,watched movies,made little bunny crafts,played outside,went shopping, you name it they did it & laughed the whole time! I tell ya Matts mom has more energy than I do.
I went to a wallpaper place people had been telling me about & picked out some. Let me tell ya it was hard! Wall to wall wallpaper. I was in heaven. I love to decorate the house. So my plans today is to wallpaper the bathroom.
I about had a panic attack last night because I remembered that April 16th was Easter. I mean I knew it but didn't you know! I just had it in my head as the day Matt leaves to come home. I would say Easter but it just didn't click. (DUH) Then I thought calm down you have 2 weeks but you know the feeling of forgeting something important. You just freak! So I'm trying to think of some cute Easter idea for the kids.
Well I better get movin have lots & lots to do today. Have a great Sunday & set your clocks forward LOL!!!


Glo said...

Hang in there Girl. 14 days thats great. Also glad you had a day out.God bless NaNa's. When are you getting married??? Wallpapering your my kinda girl. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.yor in my prayers. As ever,Glo

The Kept Woman said...

Just saw you at Sandra's place and thought I'd stop by!

You must be DYING for these last 14 days!! Yea for you and Matt! And thank you both for your sacrifices.

Zayness said...

Did you get the bathroom wallpapered? You like wallpapering better than painting? I always found wallpapering to be alot harder. Tell your husband thank you for his service to our country & thank you to your & your children for supporting our military!!!

Courtney said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog girls! I appreciate every comment.

Anonymous said...
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