Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Shannon Riley's First Words!!!!

Shannon was taking a nap this afternoon & I heard her talking & singing like she always does when she has had a good nap but this time I thought I heard her actually saying a word. A word she is probably tired of me saying to her 24/7 thats DA DA! Well I ran in there & sure enough she was saying it over & over again. It was so cute!! Of course she has not a clue what she is relly saying but Matt & I just know she's a genius!! LOL!!!!


Sandra said...

OMG Courtney, she's adorable, just want to squeeze those cute cheeks.

When my kids first said DA DA my husband was all proud of himself LOL

Mystik said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! She does have the "make-you-want-to-grab-and-pinch-to-death" cheeks! I know matt will be thrilled to hear her say that to him.

Courtney said...

Thanks girls You guys are so sweet! She is so spoiled. On my hip 24/7 but somehow with her big blue eyes & chubby cheeks I don't care!