Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Waiting at the end of a Rainbow

Ok I'l' be the first to admit it....my children are spoiled rotten! They feel if they want something well they are going to have & right now!!! So seeing the mailman drop off a package next door yesterday & them not get one. Well it wasn't pretty. Anyway Allison asked when daddy was going to send gifts. I told her that he just sent out a couple little things but it would take a few more days. She of course started the what is it 100 times! After about a half hour of complaining she was getting tired of it & let me tell ya I was tired after 10 seconds of it. They were sitting on the couch looking out the window because it was storming. Out of the blue she yelled "mommy come quick daddys gift is here". Knowing that his gift could not have been here I said "oh ok" & kept doing the dishes. Well she would not let this go. So I finally walked over & she pointed to the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen in a my life. It was huge I swear it covered the sky! Just amazing. She told me that daddy sent that rainbow for her! I of course (tears running down my face) told her I bet you he did. She said "I know he did don't you remember mommy about what I forgot to ask daddy" Then I remembered that the other day she watched a movie where these kids were looking for gold at the end of the rainbow. She loved this movie but had 100 questions about it I honestly could answer. So she told me she was going to ask daddy when he called. One of the questions was can he see a rainbow where he is at & if so is there gold at the end of it. Well I told her I remembered that & now I know daddy sent you the rainbow. Her reply " now I know daddy can see rainbows where he is at & he is on one side smiling at me & I'm at the end of this rainbow waiting on him to come home".

I had to share that today. I cried for an hour yesterday as did everyone I told & again sharing it with you here I go again. It's just one of those moments that you can't believe whats coming out of their little mouths but somehow it's so true.


APE said...

AWWW it's days like those that we live for. Here is my email address email me yours. We have so much in common now that I've finally had the time to look around your blog. My husband and I are coming up on 7 years ourselves. Well hope to here from ya.


Mystik said...

Awww! That is a precious story.

Sandra said...

Awww Court, that is just so sweet. :)

Kids really do make us cry sometimes LOL, they appreciate the small things don't they?

Courtney said...

Thanks guys! Matt called & I told him he needed to read my blog today. He e-mailed & said thanks for making me cry in front of all these guys. Your not helping me look very manly! LOL!