Monday, February 27, 2006


Please Lord help me get through this deployment. Once again I can't sleep & I keep thinking what is Matt doing? Is he thinking of me to? I am sorry for crying around so much I am just missing him like crazy! I feel so helpless. I wish I could just see his face right now then I would feel better. He always makes me feel better. He e-mailed me today & will be here sometime after the 16th of April!!!! I am so happy about that but I want it to be now! Right now. Please Please Please give some words of wisdom to help me get through this! Please Lord give me the strength to get me through all this!


Sandra said...

Courtney, I just found your blog and have actually added it to my own.
I'm a military wife and I've been through deployments, I know how hard it is. I know the feeling of just wanting him there and wanting a hug, and knowing that you can't just makes you want to cry.

All I can tell you from my own experience is to stick to a routine and get going. The more stuff you do to keep busy, the faster the time will go by. Hang in there, I know things seem tough right now. With me it seemed that everytime he was deployed was when everything decided to break or stop working, or friends and family got annoying. LOL

Keep your strength up, before you know it, he will be back home :)

Mystik said...

You poor thing! I will soon know what you're feeling...and when it's my turn to go through it, we can both be miserable together. If you lived around here, I'd probably make you get out and try to have some fun!! Moping just makes everything seem so much worse. I know for sure that Matt has not stopped thinking about you. When Hubby was in SERE school for 13 days he said that thinking of me kept him warm when he had to sleep outside in below zero weather, show falling on his head. He lost so much weight out there too, it really tore me up inside when I got to see him again. He was really malnutritioned, and I cooked him every fatty food I could. lol. Sorry, I started one of my rambling spells again. Just keep your head up and think lots of happy thoughts. I know that Matt wouldn't be very happy to know how miserable you were. It'd make him worried sick about you too! (He probably already is) He probably also worries about all of the things that you do. God will keep him safe and soon you will be able to see him. Just think about how great that will be. And, if you find things to do and get out every now and then, time will go by a little faster. Remember, you are not alone. There are many of us who share your pain and are here when you need support. You and Matt will be in my thoughts and prayers.